Miner’s First Name:   Albert
Miner’s Middle Name:   
Miner’s Last Name:   Smith
Miner’s Picture:   
Birth Place of Miner:   Scott Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
Miner’s Country:   United States
Arrived in USA:   Born in USA

Miner Information:
At the time of the 1910 and 1920 Census, occupation listed as “laborer” in the coal mines.

Place & Manner of Miner’s Death:   Peckville, PA. Cause: Acute heart failure
Died:   May 22, 1946
Birth Date:   August 2, 1862

Married:   Yes. Date: January 2, 1888
Place Miner Was Married:   Luzerne, PA

Wife’s Name:   Kezia
Wife’s Middle Name:   
Wife’s Last Name:   Tyley
Birth Place of Wife:   Llanelly, Breconshire, Wales
Wife’s Country:   Wales
Arrived in USA:   mid-1880's
Place & Manner of Wife’s Death:   Philadelphia, PA. Cause: coronary occlusion
Died:   February 13, 1942
Birth Date:   November 26, 1868

Number of Children:   11

Child Name 1:   Margaret
Child’s Middle Name:   Matilda
Child’s Last Name:   Smith
Birth Date:   November 10, 1888

Child Name 2:   Jacob
Child’s Middle Name:   Franklin
Child’s Last Name:   Smith
Birth Date:   May 11, 1890

Child Name 3:   Hector
Child’s Middle Name:   
Child’s Last Name:   Smith
Birth Date:   February 27, 1892

Child Name 4:   Clarence
Child’s Middle Name:   
Child’s Last Name:   Smith
Birth Date:   March 7, 1894

Child Name 5:   Beatrice
Child’s Middle Name:   
Child’s Last Name:   Smith
Birth Date:   February, 1897

Child Name 6:   Albert
Child’s Middle Name:   George
Child’s Last Name:   Smith
Birth Date:    April 25, 1899

Child Name 7:   Anna
Child’s Middle Name:   Marie
Child’s Last Name:   Smith
Birth Date:   September 18, 1901

Child Name 8:   Charles
Child’s Middle Name:   Percival
Child’s Last Name:   Smith
Birth Date:   October 21, 1904

Child Name 9:   George
Child’s Middle Name:   
Child’s Last Name:   Smith
Birth Date:   July 23, 1906

Child Name 10:   Stella
Child’s Middle Name:   Rose
Child’s Last Name:   Smith
Birth Date:   April 30, 1911

Author’s Name:   Hadassa
Author’s Middle Name:   A.
Author’s Last Name:   Whitney
Relationship to Miner:   Great-great-granddaughter