Miner’s First Name:   Andrew
Miner’s Middle Name:   John
Miner’s Last Name:   Herman
Miner’s Picture:   
Birth Place of Miner:   Plymouth, PA
Miner’s Country:   USA
Arrived in USA:   

Miner Information:
Worked at Loomis Colliery approx. 35 years from 1924-1960. Loomis was his only work site and was Hi Matt. My father was born in Plymouth, PA, in 1900 and died in 1962. His Mom (my Baba) lived on Ransom Street.

Place & Manner of Miner’s Death:   At our home in Buttonwood, Hanover Twp., PA. Died from emphysema and anthracosilicosis almost to the day the doctor predicted 6-12 months earlier.
Died:   March 17, 1962
Birth Date:   November 8, 1900

Married:   Yes - June 25, 1924
Place Miner Was Married:   Plymouth, PA either at St Stephen's Slovak Church or St Mary's Polish Church

Wife’s Name:   Mary
Wife’s Middle Name:   Victoria
Wife’s Last Name:   Filipovicz
Birth Place of Wife:   Letonia, PA (Tioga County)
Wife’s Country:   USA
Arrived in USA:   
Place & Manner of Wife’s Death:   Mercy Hospital, Wilkes-Barre. Died as a result of cancerous gall bladder though death certificate states pancreatic cancer.
Died:   February 11, 1978
Birth Date:   July 7, 1906

Number of Children:   Nine

Child Name 1:   Andrew
Child’s Middle Name:   Charles
Child’s Last Name:   Herman
Birth Date:   10/02/1926

Child Name 2:   Marie
Child’s Middle Name:   
Child’s Last Name:   Shumoski
Birth Date:   12/08/1928

Child Name 3:   George
Child’s Middle Name:   Joseph
Child’s Last Name:   Herman
Birth Date:   09-21-1930

Child Name 4:   Agatha
Child’s Middle Name:   
Child’s Last Name:   Viti
Birth Date:   12/26/1932

Child Name 5:   Joseph
Child’s Middle Name:   
Child’s Last Name:   Herman
Birth Date:   12/30/1935

Child Name 6:   Helen
Child’s Middle Name:   Ann
Child’s Last Name:   Pojunis
Birth Date:   11/29/1938

Child Name 7:   Eleanor
Child’s Middle Name:   
Child’s Last Name:   James
Birth Date:   09/11/1942

Child Name 8:   Carol
Child’s Middle Name:   Ann
Child’s Last Name:   Yozviak
Birth Date:   11/18/1947

Child Name 9:   Frances
Child’s Middle Name:   
Child’s Last Name:   Herman
Birth Date:   12/04/1950

Child Name 10:   
Child’s Middle Name:   
Child’s Last Name:   
Birth Date:   

Author’s Name:   Carol
Author’s Middle Name:   Ann
Author’s Last Name:   Yozviak
Relationship to Miner:   Daughter