Miner’s First Name:   John
Miner’s Middle Name:   
Miner’s Last Name:   Shahoney
Miner’s Picture:   
Birth Place of Miner:   
Miner’s Country:   
Arrived in USA:   

Miner Information:
Worked at the Mineral Spring Colliery, Huber Colliery, and Empire Colliery

Place & Manner of Miner’s Death:   
Died:   4/25/1970
Birth Date:   6/24/1907

Married:   yes
Place Miner Was Married:   Wilkes-Barre, PA

Wife’s Name:   Helen
Wife’s Middle Name:   
Wife’s Last Name:   Walina
Birth Place of Wife:   
Wife’s Country:   
Arrived in USA:   
Place & Manner of Wife’s Death:   
Died:   4/5/1996
Birth Date:   

Number of Children:   7

Child Name 1:   Dolores
Child’s Middle Name:   
Child’s Last Name:   Ernest
Birth Date:   6/20/29

Child Name 2:   Connie
Child’s Middle Name:   Julia
Child’s Last Name:   Bozinko
Birth Date:   3/17/31

Child Name 3:   Marilyn
Child’s Middle Name:   Rita
Child’s Last Name:   Cilvik
Birth Date:   5/22/35

Child Name 4:   Carolyn
Child’s Middle Name:   Mary
Child’s Last Name:   Turinski
Birth Date:   2/27/42

Child Name 5:   Judith
Child’s Middle Name:   Ann
Child’s Last Name:   Steinki
Birth Date:   4/6/44

Child Name 6:   James
Child’s Middle Name:   Anthony
Child’s Last Name:   Shahoney
Birth Date:   

Child Name 7:   Claudia
Child’s Middle Name:   Gail
Child’s Last Name:   Madden
Birth Date:   6/11/53

Child Name 8:   
Child’s Middle Name:   
Child’s Last Name:   
Birth Date:   

Child Name 9:   
Child’s Middle Name:   
Child’s Last Name:   
Birth Date:   

Child Name 10:   
Child’s Middle Name:   
Child’s Last Name:   
Birth Date:   

Author’s Name:   James
Author’s Middle Name:   
Author’s Last Name:   Shahoney
Relationship to Miner:   Son