Miner’s First Name:   Martin
Miner’s Middle Name:   
Miner’s Last Name:   Degnan
Miner’s Picture:   
Birth Place of Miner:   Wilkes-Barre
Miner’s Country:   USA
Arrived in USA:   

Miner Information:
Was a timberman

Place & Manner of Miner’s Death:   Died in fall of rock at Prospect Colliery, Midvale, Wilkes-Barre.
Died:   1908
Birth Date:   1868

Married:   1890
Place Miner Was Married:   Wilkes-Barre

Wife’s Name:   Margaret
Wife’s Middle Name:   
Wife’s Last Name:   Meehan
Birth Place of Wife:   Glasgow
Wife’s Country:   Scotland
Arrived in USA:   1880
Place & Manner of Wife’s Death:   Wilkes-Barre
Died:   1945
Birth Date:   1869

Number of Children:   9

Child Name 1:   Margaret
Child’s Middle Name:   
Child’s Last Name:   Degnan-Dillon
Birth Date:   1892

Child Name 2:   Rose
Child’s Middle Name:   Ann
Child’s Last Name:   Degnan-Kuba
Birth Date:   1893

Child Name 3:   Elizabeth
Child’s Middle Name:   
Child’s Last Name:   Degnan-Naylor
Birth Date:   1895

Child Name 4:   Martin
Child’s Middle Name:   Leo
Child’s Last Name:   Degnan
Birth Date:   1897

Child Name 5:   Anna
Child’s Middle Name:   
Child’s Last Name:   Degnan-Ducey
Birth Date:   1899

Child Name 6:   James
Child’s Middle Name:   Martin
Child’s Last Name:   Degnan
Birth Date:   1901

Child Name 7:   Catherine
Child’s Middle Name:   Marie
Child’s Last Name:   Degnan-Carey
Birth Date:   1903

Child Name 8:   Edward
Child’s Middle Name:   
Child’s Last Name:   Degnan
Birth Date:   1905

Child Name 9:   Joseph
Child’s Middle Name:   
Child’s Last Name:   Degnan
Birth Date:   1908

Child Name 10:   
Child’s Middle Name:   
Child’s Last Name:   
Birth Date:   

Author’s Name:   Joan
Author’s Middle Name:   Eileen
Author’s Last Name:   Dillon
Relationship to Miner:   great-granddaughter