Miner’s First Name:   John

Miner’s Middle Name:   C.
Miner’s Last Name:   Skochen
Miner’s Picture:   
Birth Place of Miner:   Austria / Hungry
Miner’s Country:   Austria / Hungry
Arrived in USA:   1924
Miner Information:
Worked at Henry Colliery and had the nickname “Big John”.

Place & Manner of Miner’s Death:   Plains Twp., PA; Heart Attack
Died:   February 2, 1959
Birth Date:   December 15, 1896

Married:   Yes
Place Miner Was Married:   Austria / Hungry

Wife’s Name:   Pauline
Wife’s Middle Name:   M.
Wife’s Last Name:   Dvornicky
Birth Place of Wife:   Plainsville, PA
Wife’s Country:   Born in USA
Arrived in USA:   1924
Place & Manner of Wife’s Death:   Jenkins Township, PA
Died:   October 30, 1991
Birth Date:   September 19, 1901

Number of Children:   8

Child Name 1:   John
Child’s Middle Name:   
Child’s Last Name:   Skochen
Birth Date:   August, 1924

Child Name 2:   Anne
Child’s Middle Name:   P.
Child’s Last Name:   Brazinski
Birth Date:   7/26/25

Child Name 3:   John
Child’s Middle Name:   C.
Child’s Last Name:   Skochen
Birth Date:   7/ 7/27

Child Name 4:   Mary
Child’s Middle Name:   A.
Child’s Last Name:   Sholtis
Birth Date:   5/7/28

Child Name 5:   Sophie
Child’s Middle Name:   M.
Child’s Last Name:   Krzywicki
Birth Date:   11/17/30

Child Name 6:   Joseph
Child’s Middle Name:   R.
Child’s Last Name:   Skochen
Birth Date:   3/13/37

Child Name 7:   Josephine
Child’s Middle Name:   A.
Child’s Last Name:   Polinski
Birth Date:   3/7/40

Child Name 8:   Rosalie
Child’s Middle Name:   E.
Child’s Last Name:   Sorbelli
Birth Date:   8/2/44

Child Name 9:   
Child’s Middle Name:   
Child’s Last Name:   
Birth Date:   

Child Name 10:   
Child’s Middle Name:   
Child’s Last Name:   
Birth Date:   

Author’s Name:   Susan
Author’s Middle Name:   C.
Author’s Last Name:   Zingaretti
Phone Number:   (570) 814-6414
Relationship to Miner:   Granddaughter
Street Address:   127 Jason Drive
City/Town:   Plains Twp.
State:   PA
Zip:   18702-2727
Email Address: