Mining History Month Schedule of Events – January 2019

A regional observance of Anthracite Mining Heritage Month will take place during January 2019. Featured are programs to be held in Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, Dunmore, Pittston, Port Griffith, Plymouth, Dallas, Wyoming, and Ashley.  The annual event focuses on the history and culture of the anthracite region of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

The events are sponsored by the Anthracite Heritage Museum, the Anthracite Heritage Foundation, King’s College, Wilkes University, Marywood University, Misericordia University, the Lackawanna Historical Society, the Luzerne County Historical Society, the Plymouth Historical Society, the Greater Pittston Historical Society, the Huber Breaker Preservation Society, the Knox Mine Disaster Memorial Committee, the Boy Scouts of America-Northeastern PA Council, and the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration and its Pennsylvania Anthracite Section.

The public is cordially invited to attend all programs (except the first).




Saturday, January 5th – 9am
Boy Scouts of America: Mining in Society Merit Badge; Venue: Mulligan Physical Science Center, Room 406, King’s College, 113 W. Jackson Street, Wilkes-Barre; 9 am – 12 noon; open to members of the Boy Scouts of America

Saturday, January 5th – 2pm
Penn State-Scranton—Public Program: Screening of the Documentary Film, “Centralia: Pennsylvania's Lost Town,” (2017); followed by Q&A with Joe Sapienza II of Philadelphia, Executive Producer and Director of the film; Moderator: Phil Mosley, PSU-Scranton; Venue: Sherbine Lounge, Study Learning Center, PSU-Scranton, 120 Ridgeview Drive, Dunmore; 2 –4 pm; refreshments

Tuesday, January 8th – 6:30pm
Huber Breaker Preservation Society—Public Program:Anthracite Mineworkers Speak: Stories and Reflections from Current and Retired Coal Miners;” Speakers: Bill Hastie (tentative), Tom Supey, Chester Zaremba, Chris Murley; Moderator: Bill Best, HBPS; Venue: Ashley Fire Hall, 160 Ashley Street, Ashley; 6:30 – 8 pm; refreshments

Thursday, January 10th – 6:30pm
Luzerne County Historical Society—Public Program:The Lattimer Massacre of 1897: A Radio Broadcast;” Presenter: William Bachman, Penn State-Wilkes-Barre; Moderator: Aimee Newell, LCHS; Venue: Wyoming Presbyterian Church, 454 Wyoming Avenue, Wyoming; 6:30 – 8 pm; refreshments

Friday, January 11th -6:30pm
Plymouth Historical Society-Public Program: Presenters, Georgetta Potoski and Steve Kondrad: “Plymouth’s Coal Mining Pioneers: Abijah & John Smith, Freeman Thomas, and Other Stories,” (Venue: Plymouth Borough Municipal Building, 162 W. Shawnee Ave., Plymouth), refreshment

January 18th – 7pm
Greater Pittston Historical Society—Public Program:Pittston’s Social and Industrial History;” Speakers: F. Charles Petrillo (“The North Branch Canal”); Ron Faraday (“The Early Pennsylvania Coal Company”); Tony Brooks (“The Butler Family and Their Coal Business”); Ed Philbin (“The West Pittston & Exeter Railroad and the Stanton Power Plant”); Moderator: Julio Caprari, GPHS; Welcome: Mayor Mike Lombardo; Venue: Cosgrove Room, Pittston Memorial Library, 47 Broad Street, Pittston; 6:30 – 8:30 pm; refreshments

Saturday, January 12th – 7pm
King’s College—Public Program: “Episodes in Anthracite Labor History;” Speakers: Thomas Mackaman, King’s College (“Labor and Industry in the Early Years of Anthracite”); Anne Flaherty, Kehoe Foundation (“The Molly Maguires: Fact vs. Fiction”); Robert Wolensky, King’s College (“The Industrial Workers of the World—The Wobblies”); Robert Schmidt, Independent Scholar (“Labor, Violence, and Dynamite in Coal Country”); Moderator: Jamie Costello, King’s College; Venue: Snyder Room, Student Center, King’s College, 133 N. River Street, Wilkes-Barre; 7 – 9 pm; refreshments

Tuesday, January 15th – 6:30pm
Lackawanna Historical Society—Public Program: “Four Major Anthracite Mining Disasters;” Speakers: Richard Fitzsimmons, Independent Scholar, (“Twin Shaft Disaster, 1896-Pittston”); Charles Kumpas, Independent Scholar (“Pancoast Disaster, 1911-Scranton”); Thomas Mackaman, King's College (“Baltimore Tunnel Disaster, 1919-Wilkes-Barre”); Bryan Glahn, Northwest Area High School (“Knox Disaster, 1959-Port Griffith”); Moderator: Mary Ann Savakinas, LHS; Venue: Catlin House, 232 Monroe Avenue, Scranton; 6:30 – 8:30 pm; refreshments

Thursday, January 17th – 6:30pm
King’s College & The Anthracite Heritage Foundation—Public Program: “The Annual Msgr. John J. Curran Lecture;” Presenter: Artist Sue Hand will show and discuss images from her latest creative project on anthracite breakers, “Coal Breaker Communities: Faded Memories;” Moderator—Robert Wolensky, King’s College; Commentators: Joe Husty, Bill Best, and Bill Hastie (tentative); Venue: Burke Auditorium, McGowan School of Business, King’s College, Corner of N. River Street and W. Union Street, Wilkes-Barre; 7 – 8:30 pm; refreshments begin at 6:30 pm (See January 18 th below)

Friday, January 18th – 6pm
King’s College—“Meet the Artist” Public Reception: A gathering to meet artist Sue Hand and view her latest art creations on anthracite breakers, “Coal Breaker Communities: Faded Memories;” Venue: Widmann Art Gallery, Student Center, King’s College, 133 N. River Street, Wilkes-Barre; Welcome: Michelle Leonard, Widmann Art Gallery; 6 – 8 pm; refreshments (See January 17th above)

Friday, January 18th – 6:30pm
Marywood University—Public Program: “Major Environmental Issues in Anthracite Country;” Speakers: Robert Hughes, EPCAMR, Ashley, PA (“Mapping Surface and Underground Mines and Mine Pools throughout NePa”); William Conlogue, Marywood U. (“On Unstable Grounds: Mine Subsidence in the Anthracite Region”); Craig Robertson, Groundwater Sciences Corp., Harrisburg, PA (“The Butler Mine Tunnel Contamination in Pittston”); Moderator: Jeremy Rich, Marywood U.; Venue: Swartz Center B, Marywood University, 2300 Adams Ave., Scranton; 6:30 – 8:30 pm; refreshments

Saturday, January 19th – 2pm
Anthracite Heritage Museum—Public Program: “The Annual Knox Mine Disaster Commemorative Program—The 60 th Anniversary;” Presenters: David Brocca and Albert Brocca showing excerpts from their documentary, “The Knox Mine Disaster;” William Lukasik speaking on “Knox Disaster Photography from the Lukasik Studio;” Music by Jimmy Waltich; Mining Memorabilia by Mike Mostardi; Moderator: John Fielding, AHM; Venue: AHM, 22 Bald Mountain Road, Scranton; 2 – 3:30 pm; refreshments; (see January 22 nd program below)

Sunday, January 20th – 9am
Annual Knox Mine Disaster Mass: St. John The Evangelist Catholic Church, Pittston, 35 William Street, Pittston; 9 am

Sunday, January 20th – 9am
Annual Knox Mine Disaster Public Commemoration: Pennsylvania Historical Marker, in front of Baloga Funeral Home, Port Griffith, 1201 Main Street, Pittston; 10:30 am

Sunday, January 20th – 9am
Annual Knox Mine Disaster walk to the disaster site along the Susquehanna River in Port Griffith: Gather 11 am at Baloga Funeral Home

Tuesday, January 22nd – 7pm
(60 th Anniversary of the Knox Mine Disaster)
The Knox Mine Disaster Documentary Premiere: A film by David and Albert Brocca; showing followed by Q&A with the filmmakers; Music by Lex Romaine; Venue: Kirby Center for the Creative Arts at Wyoming Seminary, 260 N. Sprague Avenue, Kingston; tickets must be purchased in advance either on-line at , or by calling the box office at 570-270-2190; general admission only; doors open at 6:30 pm, premiere starts at 7 pm

Thursday, January 24th – 6:30pm
Wilkes University—Public Program: “Doing Journalism in Northeastern Pennsylvania;” Speakers: Paul Golias (Citizens’ Voice), Fred Ney (formerly of the Sunday Independent and Citizens’ Voice), Kalen Churcher (Wilkes University), Joseph Butkiewicz (Scranton Times-Tribune/Sunday Times); Moderator: Mark Stine, Wilkes U.; Venue: Ballroom, Henry Student Center, Wilkes U., 84 W. South Street, Wilkes-Barre; 6:30 – 8 pm; refreshments

Friday, January 25th – 6:30pm
Plymouth Historical Society—Public Program: “The Avondale Mine Disaster of 1869—A 150 th Anniversary Commemoration;” Speakers: Steve Kondrad, Plymouth Historical Society; Georgetta Potoski, Plymouth Historical Society; Robert Wolensky, King’s College; Moderator: Mary Beth Kondrad, PHS; Venue: Plymouth Municipal Building, 162 West Shawnee Ave, Plymouth; 6:30 – 8 pm; refreshments

Sunday, January 27th – 6:30pm
Misericordia University—Public Program: “Writing Coal Country Literature: Commentaries on Fiction, Nonfiction, and Drama;” Speakers: Lucia Dailey, Writer, Pennsylvania Council of the Arts Roster Artist, Clarks Green; Tom Granahan, Independent Writer, West Pittston; Michael Cotter, Playwright, Wyoming; Rick Sedlisky, Independent Writer, New York City; William Kashatus, Luzerne County Community College; William Conlogue, Marywood University; Moderator: Maureen Cech, Misericordia U.; Venue: McGowan Room, Bevevino Library, 301 Lake Street, Dallas; 6:30 – 8:30 pm; refreshments

Thursday, January 31st – 5:30pm
Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME) and its Pennsylvania Anthracite Section (Penn-Anthracite)—Public Program: “The Contributions of SME to Anthracite Mining (The Jeddo Tunnel, Scranton Mine Cave Problems, Wilkes-Barre Historic District Homes, and other topics);” Speakers Include: John Ackerman, Chairman of Penn-Anthracite Section; and Mike Korb and John Mack, Past Chairmen; Moderator: Barbara Arnold, President of the (International) SME; Venue: Rodano’s Pizza & Restaurant (back room), 53 Public Square, Wilkes-Barre; refreshments 4:30 – 5:30 pm, presentations 5:30 – 7 pm